Author: Julia Dixon Dietitian

  • Eating for Endometriosis and Constipation

    Eating for Endometriosis and Constipation

    Diet and nutrition are first line therapy for treating constipation. And with constipation a common symptom seen in people with endometriosis, eating for endometriosis and constipation can have a profound impact on your symptoms. What is endometriosis Endometriosis is a condition characterised by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterine lining. Typically on the…

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  • Fertility After Bariatric Surgery

    Fertility After Bariatric Surgery

    Diet forms a crucial component for long-term health and fertility after bariatric surgery. First up, pregnancy is very possible after surgery. Strategic nutrition and supplement planning should be in place though to ensure adequate dietary nutrients for fertility after bariatric surgery. Planning a nourishing diet which makes every bite count with a tailored supplement regime…

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  • Prenatal Supplements

    Prenatal Supplements

    “What prenatal supplements do you recommend?” is one of my most asked questions in clinic, on instagram and from friends. So first up, unless you are my client and I know your history, I can’t recommend a prenatal supplement for you. There is no one size fits all supplement, despite what supplement companies would like…

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  • Blood Sugars & Fertility

    Blood Sugars & Fertility

    Nutrition for blood sugars in pregnancy

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  • Caesarean Recovery Nutrition

    Caesarean Recovery Nutrition

    Birth a huge topic. Lots of research, lots of opinions. And sometimes too many opinions from people who have no place to have them. Birth is birth. No birth is the same. No birth deserves shame or judgement. No c-section is the same, no vaginal birth is the same. Birth is as unique as a…

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  • Breastfeeding nutrition

    Breastfeeding nutrition

    If breastfeeding, can foods increase breastmilk supply? I want to start by saying, hand on my heart, however a parent choses to feed their baby/babies is perfect. Breast, bottle, formula, mixed-feeding, a nourished baby is a happy baby. Breastfeeding is very personal. It can be an incredibly easy journey, or filled with challenges and heartache.…

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  • 3 mistakes I see postnatal clients make

    3 mistakes I see postnatal clients make

    Coming home from with a new baby is mental isn’t it? And it doesn’t matter if it’s your first, or 20th baby, welcoming a new family member is an enormous physical and emotional shift. These are a few topics I find myself talking about regularly in clinic with my postnatal families. 1. Not considering subsequent…

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  • Fertility foods

    Fertility foods

    Foods to boost fertility naturally ‘What should I eat if I’m trying for baby” is something I hear regularly in clinic. And what you should eat is nuanced, so the below list is not exhaustive. It is a good start, but an extensive health assessment + strategic, bespoke and achievable nutrition plan is the gold…

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  • Morning(all day) sickness

    Morning(all day) sickness

    I recently asked my instagram community what concerned them most during their pregnancy. The overwhelming response centred around uncertainty of nutritional adequacy, especially on the topic of food aversions and tolerance. This to me says nausea and vomiting (morning/all day sickness) not only generates physical stress, but also emotional stress during pregnancy. I want to…

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