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  • Blood Sugars & Fertility

    Blood Sugars & Fertility

    Nutrition for blood sugars in pregnancy

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  • Caesarean Recovery Nutrition

    Caesarean Recovery Nutrition

    Birth a huge topic. Lots of research, lots of opinions. And sometimes too many opinions from people who have no place to have them. Birth is birth. No birth is the same. No birth deserves shame or judgement. No c-section is the same, no vaginal birth is the same. Birth is as unique as a…

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  • Breastfeeding nutrition

    Breastfeeding nutrition

    If breastfeeding, can foods increase breastmilk supply? I want to start by saying, hand on my heart, however a parent choses to feed their baby/babies is perfect. Breast, bottle, formula, mixed-feeding, a nourished baby is a happy baby. Breastfeeding is very personal. It can be an incredibly easy journey, or filled with challenges and heartache.…

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  • Fertility foods

    Fertility foods

    Foods to boost fertility naturally ‘What should I eat if I’m trying for baby” is something I hear regularly in clinic. And what you should eat is nuanced, so the below list is not exhaustive. It is a good start, but an extensive health assessment + strategic, bespoke and achievable nutrition plan is the gold…

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  • Reducing Baby’s Risk of Food Allergies

    Reducing Baby’s Risk of Food Allergies

    Spoiler alert, it all traces back to preconception health. My Masters research looked at ~17,000 women’s preconception diets and assessed if they were meeting dietary guideline recommendations (spoiler alert, most were not). We then stratified the data to understand if of those women, those who were actively planning pregnancy better adhered to the guidelines than…

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  • Optimising Egg Quality

    Optimising Egg Quality

    It may take only a few minutes to cook an egg, but a human egg (an oocyte) takes a lot longer to prepare. Women are born with all of the eggs they will have (about 1-2 million eggs). This number declines (rather rapidly) over-time, with approximately only 25% remaining by puberty. Oocytes begin maturing about…

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  • Oestrogen & Your Gut

    Oestrogen & Your Gut

    Gut bugs, the gut bacteria populating your intestines have the science community bustling. There is so much emerging research about them – but so much more we don’t know. From probiotics, to prebiotics to bacteria strains, to their functions, to the health implications of different strains and the quantity of various strains – and more,…

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